Insurance Agency Loan

If you are seeking an SBA 7(a) loan, I can assist you in obtaining an SBA loan by putting you in touch with a niche lender that specializes in insurance agency lending for insurance agency acquisitions, recapitalizations and working capital loans.

This is a FREE SERVICE which I offer to borrowers because I work very closely with many large and small insurance agency lenders whom offer both SBA and conventional loans throughout the United States. I offer this service to captive insurance agencies such as Allstate, Farmers and Nationwide as well as independent insurance brokerages throughout the entire United States.

Attempting to identify this lender yourself can oftentimes result in many hours and days of wasted time, frustration and rejection, since most banks and lenders do not lend into all industries but instead specialize in only certain industries and these industries vary greatly from one bank to another. As an expert insurance agency appraiser, l providing SBA loan insurance agency appraisals to banks for SBA lending, so I work very closely with many banks and other commercial lenders so I know exactly which industries into which they lend and their particular required lending parameters; which enables me to connect you directly with the very best-fit lender for your particular needs.

To put you in touch with the best-fit insurance agency lender for you, please email me at and I will provide you with the best-fit insurance agency lender for you; including their complete contact information.

I will need the below basic information in order to connect you with the perfect-fit lender.

  • Your full name and full contact info typically found in your email signature line
  • Number of years that your insurance agency or brokerage has been in business
  • Size of your agency in terms of annual commission revenue
  • Are you seeking an SBA loan or conventional loan?
  • Loan amount needed
  • Loan purpose